Critical Analysis Essay Sample Topics And Ideas

What is a Critical Analysis Essay? Similar to a rhetorical essay, the purpose of a critical analysis is to evaluate and critique another person’s work -- whether it is an article, essay, book, or movie). If you look at a critical analysis essay example you will find a well-structured approach to it that logically identifies the subject, a synopsis of the main ideas, and an analysis of the subject’s content, eventually concluding whether or not the subject being written about succeed in accomplishing its goals.

How to Write a Critical Analysis Essay

  1. Critical Reading of the Subject

    The first step is to conduct a critical reading of the subject. This involves gathering all pertinent factual information (title, author, publication, and intent). Other questions you should answer when critically reading the work are: 1) what is the evidence in support of the author’s purpose? 2) does the evidence succeed in providing support? 3) is the work organized well? etc.

  2. Outlining the Critical Essay

    Organize your critique in an outline before you start writing the first draft. This will help you properly structure the essay and make changes in your approach should you identify more effective ways of presenting your argument.

  3. Writing Draft Number One

    Using the outline as a guide, start writing the first draft of the essay. This shouldn’t have to be written perfectly. Your goal should be to get your ideas down on the page. Don’t worry about poor word choice, misspellings, grammar errors, run-on sentences, or anything else you can fix later on in the process of writing. Just keep writing with confidence.

  4. Revising the Essay (Draft Two)

    After getting away from the essay for a couple of days, you should be ready to reimagine and revise the essay. This involves a critical look at your own writing to determine whether you have presented your analysis in a clear, concise, and logical manner. This also gives you the opportunity to fix some of the errors you made when writing the first draft.

  5. Editing and Proofread (Draft Three)

    The last step is to do full editing and proofreading of the essay. These are two different activities that should not be done concurrently. Always print out the essay and mark it up in pen. This is simply a better technique than trying to do everything on the computer screen.

Critical Analysis Essay Topics

  1. Consider PED use in professional sports. Give a detailed summary of the situation and then analyze whether the punishment for offenders has been an effective deterrent for widespread PED use. How have punishments affected drug use in collegiate sports?
  2. Do men and women communicate differently? What are the differences in verbal and written communication and which gender is more likely to get a point across in one form or the other (or both)? Analyze how this is different across different situations.
  3. Drug prevention programs have been around for decades in the United States and some have had much more success than others. Analyze three programs and evaluate where each has been the most successful in terms of population factors (e.g., race, age, economy, etc.).
  4. Obesity and body image have long been issues that lead to a debate in the U.S. and other parts of the world. Analyze a point-by-point argument between a thin and plus-size model and state whether any side can make the case for the way people should perceive “beauty”.
  5. Choose a favorite author or film director and evaluate the way the person’s upbringing influenced his or her creativity. How does the person’s artwork reflect the need to have outside factors contribute to the process of creation?

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