• How to Write a Perfect Essay – The Best Recommendations

Writing a paper is one of the less favorable tasks you might ever encounter in your time at school. Yet, there is simply no way to avoid it, and is a skill you will need to master for most professions. No matter what the specific assignment, you will have to put in the effort to write the best possible essay as possible. So here are some of the best recommendations from professional writing experts for doing just this:

If You Have the Option, Select a Manageable Topic

You might have a specific assignment topic assigned to you or you might have the opportunity to develop your own. If you are given the option, make sure you choose a manageable topic that is neither too narrow nor too broad that you can’t construct a thorough argument that touches on the most important discussion points. Topic ideas can come from anywhere so use several different sources to write down whatever you are most interested in.

Write the Introduction and Conclusion Paragraphs

Many experts recommend you leave writing the introduction and conclusion paragraphs until the end. This allows the core of your assignment to take its shape, so that you can refer to your main discussion points and craft a good beginning and closing to complement the material. Your introduction should accomplish three things: it should introduce your paper’s topic, provide context, and declare your argument. Your conclusion should accomplish three things as well: it will summarize, synthesize, and provide a sense of closure.

Add All of the Finishing Assignment Touches

After completing your conclusion you might get the sense that you are done. The complete opposite is true. You still need to go through a revision process, as well as editing and proofreading. We’ve referred to this stage as putting in the finishing touches, but it’s quite involved and demands your total and undivided attention. Make sure your argument is logical and backed with the appropriate amount of evidence. Your writing should be clear and direct, and your assignment as a whole should be completely free of errors.

That’s it! If you have followed the recommendations above just as they are written you should have found the process much easier. With enough practice you’ll be able to master the craft and be able to churn out excellent academic assignments on any topic.

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